Nelly & Dodo = two inspiring Jack Russell terriers + stories about our beloved Estonia

The story of Nelly&Dodo begins with two inspiring Jack Russells called Nelly and Dodo. Nelly became a member of our family seven years ago, and Dodo joined her a year later. From the moment they met, they became an inseparable team. They always watch each other’s backs and never leave each other behind.

When Nelly and Dodo were growing up, I couldn’t get the idea of giving them personalised collars with their names on them out of my head. What if I did something new and different that hadn’t been done before, I wondered. After dozens, perhaps even hundreds of attempts, I arrived at Estonian national motifs, which became the theme of the first Nelly&Dodo collection. The motifs captivated me from the moment I saw them. Uniqueness and beauty combined with a deeper meaning – these are the qualities our national motifs collection embodies.

All Nelly&Dodo dog collars and leashes are handmade, one-off, beautifully designed and high-quality pieces.

The collars in our national motifs collection are often accompanied by clients’ stories about the Estonia they know and love. They often order collars with the national motif of their birthplace, or that of someone in their family, more often even than their current home. Dogs from Muhu wear collars bearing the national motif of the island, of course.

During the Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations our hands are always full, as pets are also proudly adorned in national colours and patterns.

It’s always endearing to see our collars cross Estonia’s borders. Luckily for us, Estonian expats have discovered our brand and taken our national motifs to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and other countries. The furthest our collars have travelled is to North America. For example, we have a client in Canada who has Estonian roots, as his grandfather lived on Muhu.

These kinds of stories of Estonian people are what make our collars so special and meaningful to us, and also what makes them unique. We’re the only ones in the world who make collars like ours. And even if they were copied, they would lack the deeper meaning and love that we put into our handmade products.

Wishing you lots of fun walks!

Kersti Kuldma